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150W LED Flood Light Heat Sink-SD150A

150W LED Flood Light Heat Sink-SD150A Size
Image: 150W LED Flood Light Heat Sink-SD150A Size
150W LED Flood Light Heat Sink-SD150A Parameters
Image: 150W LED Flood Light Heat Sink-SD150A Parameters

The most efficient flood light heat-sink for the new generation of green led lighting

LED has proved to be the trend of next generation lighting for it’s environment friendly, energy-saving, light efficiency, reliability, SD’s innovative LED heatsinks with the powerful heat dissipation capability and reliability greatly extend the LED lightings lifespan, thus remarkable reduce the expense of lighting operation and maintenance.

Brief Description of 150W LED Flood Light Heat Sink:

01 Product Feature

  1. By using the most powerful and efficient flood light heatsink, the completed LED light can work up to 50000 hours, save up to 80% energy, have better lighting characteristics than that of traditional metal halide lamp of 300w;
  2. Riveting the heatpipe to the heatsink, rapidly transfer the heat of the LED chips to the massive fins;
  3. Protection rate:IP65.

02 Materials And Process

  1. Tempered glass panel to protect the lighting source, the transparent rate up to 93%;
  2. 1060 aluminium heatsink with “zipped-fins” technology, optimized airflow duct inside the housing;
  3. The entire housing coated by electrophoretic paint, excellent corrosion resistance;
  4. Stainless steel screws and parts.

03 The Innovative Cooling Fins Standing The Cooling Frontier

Innovative cooling fins with light weight but massive cooling dissipation area, which tightly connected to the die-cast heatsink, constitute a integrated cooling housing.

3-Dimension Heat-dissipation

There are convection holes distributed on each fins allowing parallel direction airflow to maximum the cooling power.

Gear Slotting Fin Technology

The fins couple into the base of the heatsink tightly, minimum the heat transfer resistance.

04 Innovations

Respirator design

Balance the different pressure between the atmosphere and the shell, it is water proof also defog and avoiding the drop condensation, reducing the inside salt corrosion and extend the product lifespan.


The housing compatible for different kinds of LED chips and brackets

Most of the mainstream manufacturers’led chips and their chip-scale package are compatible to the structure of the housing, we can also customize the installation structure accord to your chip-package’s size (square, circle etc.)

Design for the built-in and built-out driver box

The built-out option is good for the driver’s cooling and protection to increase the driver’s efficiency, stability and lifespan,the built-in option is good for limited space and the structure looks compact and tight.


07 Applications

LED flood light is widely used in shopping center , exhibition hall, parking lot, stadium, gymnasia, billboard, park, statue, government lighting decoration project, landmark or building, public square and passage, building connecting passage, and other indoor or outdoor light applications.

08 Kit Show

Elegant technology taken in kind ,feeling the perfect texture, and experiencing our whole core service (The housing mainly includes heatsink body, tempered glass, reflector, light source bracket; without light source, driver and PCB.)


  1. Riveting the heatpipe to the heatsink, rapidly transfer the heat of the
  2. Easy to install
  3. Easy to install and convenient for maintenance.
  4. Waterproof Grade:IP65
  5. Prevent dusts and water
  6. Professional design
  7. Fashionable texture, focusing on heatsink design, and having patent protection.
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