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150W LED Street Light Heat Sink-SD150L

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150W LED Street Light Heat Sink-SD150L
150W LED Street Light Heat Sink-SD150L


150W LED Street Light Heat Sink-SD150L


LED QTY(pcs)120
Any way10P12S
PCB size(mm)L260﹡W61﹡1.5

Innovation Highlights

  1. Aluminum modularity fin-group thermal dissipating technology perfectly solve the thermal problem with the minimum weight, and significantly expand the life span of the lighting source
  2. Modularity design: each module can be replaced separately; the unique dual adjustable angles make it easily to adjust the lighting area.
  3. Waterproof design: IP65, and resist Category 12 hurricanes.


Widely used in main roads, high ways, viaducts, urban streets, overpasses, sidewalks, squares, schools,residential areas, industrial districts, parks and so on.


Panel casting light

Panel casting light makes the light on the road surface more evenly with small glare and large lighting area.

Cool Black Look

Compact structure, beautiful appearance, black color integrated with tunnels, night sky and so on, get the effect of seeing the light without seeing the lamp.

Waterproof IP65

The silicone circle sealing technology and waterproof IP65 can completely prevent dusts and water in rainstorm.

Resist Category 12 Hurricanes

In professional wind test, with the highest wind speed 35m/s, that is to say in the category 12 hurricanes, there is no deformation or looseness, and it is extraordinarily firm.

Light Weight and High Intensity

ASA cover and aluminum dissipating moduleL small in size, light weight and high intensity can effectively reduce lamp post’s pressure, lower the wind resistance, safe and reliable.

Sturdy and Durable

Aluminum dissipating module has surface anodic oxidation process, getting a protective shield and greatly enhance the stain resistance. Its ASA cover is resistant to high heat, anti-aging and lasting brightness, therefore it is widely used outdoors.

Dual Adjustable Angles

The unique dual adjustable angles: each module and lamp arm’s adjustable angle is ±6 °, greatly increases the lighting flexibility of complete lamps.

Modularity Design

The complete lamp consists of 2 to 7 modules, and choosing the number of modules according to the requirements.

Each module can be replaced separately, easy to install and save costs.

Aluminum Material

Aluminum heatsink base is zero-contacted with LED lighting source; the innovatively designed modularity fin group optimize the air channel, effectively enlarges the dissipating areas. Cooperated with air channel cover. It perfectly solves the thermal dissipating problem.

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