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Advantages and Characteristics of UV LED Surface Light Source

UV LED Surface Light Source is one of LED Light Source, it has the following advantages:

  1. The Traditional UV LED Light Source of Laser Products, the higher the power is, the more dazzling the light is. is not suitable for children, families, but UV LED Surface Light Source is used in wider range, more safer.
  2. The Traditional UV LED High Power Light Source’s radiating surface is small, the heat can not be rapidly exported even by a large number of radiator, so the Light Decay is quick. LED Surface Light Source Area of the same power radiating s ten times larger than the UV LED Point Light Source, the cooling effect is very good, can approach to the life in theory. Life is no problem above 30000 hours.
  3. The Traditional UV LED Lens increase the cost and make the light angle become small, while UV LED Surface Light Source need not use lens, also a plurality of LED lamps will make the light not even.
  4. The Traditional UV LED Lamp multiple combined into a lamp, has many solder joints and faults, Surface Light Source has less solder joint, its installation is simple and suitable for wide popularization.


Compared with traditional lamps, UV LED Surface Light Source with energy-saving 55% , ; no harmful substances, UV LED Long Service Life: 50000 hours, and environmental: and can be recycled. Compared with the current LED lamp made of the Point Light Source ,UV LED Surface Light Source has a good cooling effect, low light decay, can reach more than 50000 hours service life; during the second light distribution. UV LED Surface Light Source can be able to control the light irradiation angle, avoid waste and pollution; because of the small volume, The Surface Light Source can produce LED lights with a variety of power and various colors ,which make the lamp more beautiful, is manufactured by using COB advanced packaging technology, with power from 5W to 120W range, and red, blue, green, yellow more colors for users.

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