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China Domestic High Power LED packaging is in line with International Brand LED

Semiconductor lighting has been recognized as one of the most promising technology in twenty-first Century, opened the third lighting revolution of human society, it contains a huge economic benefits.

In the recent ten years, the global LED market size is more than 20% annual growth rate ; high brightness LED market growth is more rapid, with an average annual growth 46% during 1995-2005, the market in 2008 reached $5,100,000,000, the proportion of the LED market is grown from 40% in 2001 to above 80% in 2008, conservative estimates in 2012 t,he market size is expected to reach US $11,400,000,000.

In the LED industrial chain, the upstream is LED chip and extension, the middle is LED package, the downstream is LED applications. Characteristics of the upstream industry chain: international competition intense, the commercial risks is most, containing the most science technology and taking on huge financial support. The upstream LED chip and the extensional industry is a capital intensive, high technology content, high returns links one, so it occupies 70% of the whole industry profit, the middle LED package occupies 10 %-20% ; the downstream i.e. LED applications reaches one hundred percent, accounted for 10%-20%.

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