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The difference between UV-LED Point Light Source Curing Machine and The Traditional Curing Machine

Luminous Component’s LED wave 365nm, spectral distribution from 360nm to 370nm, no infrared light emitting so the surface of irradiated products had no temperature increase, while the traditional LAMP type Ultraviolet Irradiation Machine will generally make irradiated products surface rise 60-90 degrees, the product positioning will displace, resulting in poor product.

UV-LED Point Light Source Curing Machine adopts imported high-power ultraviolet LED chip, the imported high-power LED chip can produce high strong Ultraviolet through the conversion of electric energy, its wavelength is 365nm-385nm,energy highly concentrates on wavelengths required in curing UV glue.

Application: electronic components, precision parts, magnetic, optical lens, LCD curing board, micro motor, medical supplies, crafts, optical fiber connector, LCD, motor, hard drives and other UV Glue Curing and other emerging UV point source demand are suitable. UV-LED Point Light Source Curing Machine is the replacement of the traditional optical fiber high pressure mercury lamp.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Adopts imported High Power LED
  2. Light output wavelength: 365nm-385nm
  3. Three kinds of work modes: gradually bright, shiny, bright
  4. Four output time selection: 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s
  5. Two digital tube display, transmission of several kinds of status information
  6. Any brand UV Glue is curable
  7. Two power options: Type A for rechargeable lithium battery, type B to AC100-240V power supply
  8. A rechargeable lithium battery power supply is not restricted by the cable type , Very convenient use.

The difference between Portable UV-LED Source Point Light Source and UV Point Light Source

  1. Portable UV-LED Source Point Light Source products (UV LED) is different from the traditional high pressure mercury lamp type curing equipment. The UV Light produced by the traditional curing machine looks very bright light and high in calories, but it's a wide spectrum, really effective curing ultraviolet spectrum segment accounts for only a portion of energy, a large part is visible light and infrared light to generate heat, eye damage is serious and is easy to cause the workpiece deform, using the LED point light source, a high purity 365nm-385nm UV is emitted, workpiece temperature rising is very small, the work piece will not deform, its energy concentrate in curing effect UV spectra, which makes the curing time be shortened
  2. The working temperature of the traditional curing machine lamp: 500 ℃, fragile, contains mercury, not environmental and high maintenance cost.

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