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LED Strip/LED Flexible LED Strip

Hot Sale Products! Ultra-flexible,easy-installation, superbright,thin,can be used anywhere

LED Flexible Strips-Main Features

SMD 335
SMD 335 Side Emitting LED Strip
SMD 3528
SMD 3528 LED Flexible Strip
SMD 5050
SMD 5050 Flexible LED Strip Light
Ultra FlexibleIt can make achieve 90 degree angle bends, even do a barrel roll, these ribbons can be shaped and bent to your hearts desire for use in a vast array of interior or exterior lighting applications.This product also makes it quite easily to replace that dim, out-dated, and just plain depressing lighting we all know we have somewhere around the house, business, or bar.
Waterproof IP• No Waterproof/N/A(IP20) • Surface Injection(IP65)• PVC/Silicon-hollow-tube (IP67)• Whole injection(IP68)
Viewing Angle120 degree
Available Colors Red, Green, Bule, Yellow, White, Warmwhite,can adjust color temperature from 2400k-12000k,With a Warm White color you can easily replace any traditional lighting around the house, camper, office, under cabinets, RV, even on the interior of your boat. Use the Cool White color for Retail Lighting, Commerical Lighting, Trade Show Lighting, or anywhere you want a perfectly crisp white cast of light.
Work Voltage DC12V or DC24V
Life Time10000 hours; White:5000 hours
Light Decay3%-5% per year
Light EffectThree/six colored jumping change; static single color ; Forward wash; Forward six color comet; trailing and so on. It depends on the controller type
ApplicationsBacklight for signage letters,Channel letter lighting, Car decoration,Architectural decorative lighting,Archway,canopy and bridge edge lighting,Auditorium walkway lighting
Easy InstallationThey can be cut between every 3rd can put next to no drain on your car battery, and no matter whether you use them in hard rain or the driest night on record, they won't fail you.without the hassle of installing them individually with a soldering iron
Tremendous Energy Saving & Maintenance FreeThey will save up to 90% energy-saving than incandescent lights, keep your electricity bill low as they draw very little power.No fire danger,Anti-uv design,Professional, solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant , because it can put out a minimum amount of heat.
Wholesale PriceWe buy the raw material in big batch,So the price can be lower
PCB BoardColor: White,Yellow, Black; Width: 5mm, 8mm,10mm,12mm, thickness:0.2mm
Packing PackingPack in reel and each reel has 5 meters.each reel is packed in an anti-staic, moisture proof silver bag

LED Flexible Strips-Quick Comparison

Product Name Light Source Brightness Beam Angle Features Cost Per Meter PCB Width Common Uses
SMD 5050 LED StripsTri- chip SMD5050 LEDOur brightest, most durable, and most efficient LED120°Thin, flexible, cuttable, durableMost expensive10mmAnywhere you want to use
SMD3528 LED StripsSMD3528Very Bright120°Super thin, flexible, expandable, cuttableVery cheap8mmIn bars, hotels, restaurants, Concealed Lighting ,Backlighting for Signage Letters
SMD 335 LED StripsSMD335Bright90°Super thin, flexible, cuttable, durableCheap5mmAudi style Car headlight

Million Color Option

Our RGB LED Strips are available in "million color". Groups of Red, Blue, and Green LEDs can combine at varying brightness intensities to produce a smooth fade through the full color spectrum. Unlike the single color strips which use just 2 wires (a power and a ground), the million color strips use 4 wires (3 for each of the colors, and 1 for either a common power or ground). These 4 wires are hooked up to an LED controller.>[?

Don't need Flexible ,you may have a look at our LED Rigid strips

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