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Four factors affecting the life of LED Strip

  1. If the LED strip copper wire or flexible circuit board’s bad toughness will lead LED strip bent, will also affect the life of the LED strip.
  2. LED is electrostatically sensitive components, if there is no good anti-static measures in the repair of LED lamps, it will damage the LED, resulting in waste. Of course, life of the LED strip can not be guaranteed.
  3. Because the LED is the constant current elements, therefore the constant flow effects producing by the different LED strip manufacturer are not the same, of course, life is so different.
  4. Power supply factors, LED strip generally uses constant voltage power supply (DC switching power supply), if the output of the power supply is not stable, or there is no surge protection, when the outer voltage fluctuation, it will output unstable voltage and current, leading LED strip in non-standard voltage also affect its service life.
  5. After everyone understand the above points , it is necessary to pay attention to in the purchase of LED lamps, but also should pay attention to strengthen the protection when using the LED strip, it also can prolong the using time of the LED lamp strip.

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