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Heat Pipe for High Power LED Get Attention

High power LED’s advantage is energy saving and environmental , long service life, especially the rapid development for high power LED in recent years, , it is a concrete manifestation for this advantage. But the heat dissipation problem for high power LED still restrict the development for high power LED. So changing the heat dissipation for high power LED and sending out LED heat as far as possible are more and more important to the development for high power LED.

Heat pipe consists of a pipe shell, heat absorption core, as well as the heat transfer working medium. The core is firmly attached to the inner wall of the pipe shell, and penetrated by medium,too. Its working principle is: the high power LED heat goes through the heat pipe wall of the evaporation section and then make liquid work medium ‘s temperature rise, in which filled liquid refrigerant temperature ; up to a certain temperature, water surface evaporates until it reaches the saturated vapor pressure, the heat in the latent heat way transfers to the steam, saturated steam pressure increases with the rising temperature of the liquid. Under the function of the pressure difference,Steam accomplishes the condensation and delivers the latent heat in the gas-liquid interface of the condensation section when steam flows to the condensing section where the pressure and temperature are both lower. The heat released from the gas-liquid interface conducts through the wick and tube wall and then is transferred to the outside of the tube.

High power LED heat pipe technology application Advantage:

  1. Fast heat conduction
    The heat pipe evaporator and condenser section are heat-transferred by the latent heat of phase change , so compared with silver, copper and aluminum and other metals, the heat pipe can be transferred seismic heat
  2. Large radiating area
    The existing LED heat dissipation as shown in Figure two, fin design on the LED, heat pipe changes LED the heat pathway, the heat through heat pipe conducts to the LED side, the radiating fins can be extend to the lower part of the lower space, so that the radiating area,can increase one times.
  3. Flexible thermal channel
    Because the heat is transferred through the heat pipe, as long as heat pipe is changed in many shapes, you can easily transfer the heat to the easy-delivering place by bending the heat pipe.
  4. Light in weight
    The heat path flexibility makes heat pipe radiator be bigger, so the lamp at the same weight, the irradiating area by using the heat pipe can be made larger, capable of carrying more power LED.
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