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High Power 365 UV LED Advantage

  1. 365nm UV LED Light is widely used in UV curing, metal crack, crack detection, the Photocatalyst light source, currency counting machine, Anti-fake industry, and medical measurement and biometric security test, hydraulic leak detection and so on, 365nm high power UV energy is highly required in curing UV glue. Which s the replacement of the point light source machine for traditional optical fiber high pressure mercury lamp type.
    The product mad of 365nm UV LED light Source is different from the traditional high pressure mercury lamp curing equipment; The UV Light Ray from the traditional curing machine looks very bright & high in calories, actually very wide spectrum, only a fraction of a ultraviolet spectrum is really effective for solidification. The visible light section and heat producing part occupy a large part ,so eye damage is very serious problem and also is easy to cause the work-piece out of shape.
    The LED point light source irradiation mode for this equipment gives out a high purity 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, which belongs to cold light source; the workpiece temperature only need to rise by 3 degrees, deformation is not processing at all, its energy is highly concentrated in the spectrum for effective UV curing, which is the main reason Why UV-LED point light source is roughly the same practical effects as 1000-2000mw high pressure mercury lamp curing’s , although UV light intensity is only about 200MW, usually make the curing time be shortened from 0.5 to 5 seconds.
  3. Low Production Cost
    1. Because the light emitting LED lasts more than 25000 hours (continuous lighting life) by using energy-saving design, we only light in need of radiation, low power consumption : about 50W. (Traditional UV curing machine’s service life is generally 1000 hours with high power consumption about 30KW)
    2. LED point light source body is small (27*12*18cm),so portable, can easily integrate it into the automatic assembly process, or as a complete desktop system, it can also be installed in small devices.
    3. LED irradiation head through the computer CPU control, can choose according to the actual need of manual or automatic control operation, and set their own light irradiation time (accurate to 0.01S) to further support high precision bonding needs, reduce human time errors in operation.
    4. LED curing equipment have almost no calories, not fragile, do not contain mercury; don't need maintenance cost (The working temperature for the traditional curing machine lamp: 500 ℃, fragile; with mercury; some maintenance cost).
  4. New model Special condensing lens assembly for UV point light source also make its energy concentrated in solidifying point, improve the curing efficiency of UV glue, 4 road (each device can be installed 4 piece of LED Tube) simultaneous irradiation can increase area..
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