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High Power LED Lamp application in Lighting

From simple LED display, LED signs to the LED lighting market, High Power LED Lamp was invented and widely applied to High Power LED Lamp beads, as it has a high luminous efficiency, long life, low attenuation, energy saving, environmental protection, has been favored and welcome by indoor lighting and commercial lighting. Here, we introduce the application of High Power LED Lamp lights in some lighting:

1. High Power LED Lamp beads application in underwater lamp, many buildings now, like water park, in his design slowly people add smart underwater lamp design elements, is derived from the High Power LED Lamp underwater adaptability.

2. High Power LED Lamp in acrylic logo lighting applications, which can be seen everywhere in the city on nights. High Power LED Lamp used in this field, which can effectively solve problems the acrylic logo short service life and difficulty to repair with traditional light source, also Hight Power LED Lamp has good stability, very strong light effect , and acrylic luminous identification sign is one of the ideal substitutes as a modern metropolis neon lamp.

3. The application of High Power LED Lamp beads in buildings like curtain wall, High Power LED Single Lamp has high light efficiency, small volume, convenient installation, less repair and other advantages, which make it widely used in curtain wall construction and design application!

Because LED light hight effect, good color matching, strong stability, long life and other characteristics, so, the building designers are using architecture-ization light emitting devices to make the Lighting blend into the surrounding scenery in the modern landscape lighting.

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