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How High Power LED manufacturers to seek survival and development

When the industry has developed to a certain stage, enterprises are facing a reshuffling process, high power LED industry also must go through such a process. So, as a high power LED manufacturers, how to survive and develop has become careful thought for the enterprises in high power LED in the fierce competition market.

With the collapse tide is approaching, high-power LED industry also began to go downhill. But even if in the poor harvest, some of the enterprise sales is hot, high power LED brand enterprises develops steadily , part of the enterprise sales grows steadily. The editor make up think, in he second half of year ,the high power LED industry will continue to shuffle.

On the whole, there is polarization condition in high power LED industry -- large enterprises increasingly larger and larger, small enterprises becomes smaller and smaller, and even difficult to continue. Industry commentators think this is because the large power LED large enterprises have the brand advantage and scale advantages. Small and medium-sized enterprises cannot compete with it. But this is only the surface phenomenon, because large enterprises did not fully occupy the whole the market, they can't occupy many segments of the market, but the market is the opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprise.

In short, the trend for the high power LED industry in the half of this year will be :Brand enterprises continue fighting fiercely, small and medium enterprises or die, or occupy the segments of the market.

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