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LED Chip Manufacturer Introduction

Taiwan LED chip manufacturers EPISTAR (Epistar) referred to as: ES, Guangjia photoelectric (Huga), the new century (Genesis Photonics), China (Arima Optoelectronics) abbreviation: AOC, Taigu photoelectric (Tekcore), Qili, huge new, Epiled, crystal, creation, Zhou Lei, Lian Sheng (HPO), Han (HL), Guang Lei (ED), Ding Yuan (Tyntek) referred to as: TK, yaofuzhouji(TC) ,Canyuan(Formosa Epitaxy), Stateline, Lian Ding, new optoelectronic (VPEC) etc.. Hua Xing (Ledtech Electronics), the East Bay (Unity Opto Technology), light Ding (Para Light Electronics), billion light (Everlight Electronics), Bai Hong (Bright LED Electronics), Jintai(Kingbright), Lingsen precision (Lingsen Precision Industries), Li Ji (Ligitek Electronics), Guang Bao (Lite-On Technology), Hong Qi (HARVATEK) etc..

The continental LED chip manufacturer: san’an optoelectronic referred to as (S), Shanghai blue (Epilight) or (E), Shilanmingxin (SL), Dalian Lu Mei referred to as (LM), Di yuan photoelectric, Huacan photoelectric, Nanchang Xin Lei, Shanghai Jinqiao da cheng, Hebei Lide, Hebei Huineng, Shenzhen Aolunde, Shenzhen century crystal source, Guangzhou Puguang, Yangzhou Huaxia integration, Gansu Xintian electric company, Dongguan fudi electronic materials, Qingxin photoelectric, Jingneng photoelectric, Zhongweiguang electronic, chanzhao optoelectronic, Jingda optoelectronic, Shenzhen Fangda, Shandong Huaguang, Shanghai Lanbao.

Foreign LED chip manufacturer: CREE, HP (HP), Nichia chemical (Nichia) ,Toyodasynthesis , oceanacid, Toshiba, Showa denko (SDK), Lumileds, Xu Ming (Smileds), Genelite (Osram), GeLcore, OSRAM, Seoul semiconductor, Puri, South Korea Epicon (Epivalley) etc..

  1. The famous CREE LED chip maker, the United States of America CREE company, products with silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon (Si) and related compounds as the foundation, including blue, green, violet light emitting diode (LED), similar to UV laser, radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices, power switching devices and is suitable for the research and production of silicon carbide (SiC) wafer.
  2. OSRAM is the world's second largest optoelectronic semiconductor manufacturers, products have the lighting, sensor, and image processor. The company is headquartered in Germany, R & D and manufacturing base in Malaysia, with about 3400 employees, in 2004, it’s annual sales is 4590000000 euros. OSRAM's most famous product is LED, the length is only a few millimeters with a variety of colors, low power consumption, long service life.
  3. NICHIA Nichia, well-known LED chip maker, Japan Inc, was founded in 1956, developed the world's first blue LED (1993), the world's first pure green LED (1995), subsidiaries are throughout the world.
  4. Toyodasynthesis:Toyota, headquartered in Japan, Aichi, the production is automobile parts and LED, LED accounts or about 10% of total revenue,Toyota synthesis and Toshiba jointly have developed white LED, adopting UV and fluorescence combination way, different from the general blue LED and phosphor combination way
  5. Agilent as the world's leading LED supplier , its products for numerous products like the automotive, electronic information board and a traffic signal lamp, industrial equipment, cellular phone and consumer products provide efficient, reliable source . High reliability for these components can usually be guaranteed not to replace the light source during the service life of the equipment. Agilent low cost LED dot matrix display, a variety of seven segment display and Agilent LED light series products have a variety of packaging and color options.
  6. TOSHIBA Toshiba semiconductor is a major supplier for LED cars, especially the dashboard backlight, car radio, navigation system, climate control and so on. The technology is using InGaAlP, wavelength from 560nm (PureGreen) to 630nm (red). Recently, Toshiba developed new technology UV+phosphor (ultraviolet and fluorescence), LED chip can emit ultraviolet, after exciting fluorescence powder ,issues a variety of light, such as white, pink, blue and green light.
  7. The LUMILEDS LumiledsLighting is the world's leading manufacturer for high power LED and solid state lighting, the products are widely used in TV, lighting, traffic signals and general lighting, LuxeonPowerLightSources is the patented product, combined LED small size, long life other characteristics with traditional lamps .Also offers a variety of LED chip and the LED package, there are red, green, blue, amber, white LED. LumiledsLighting is headquartered in the United States, the factory is located in Holland, Japan, Malaysia, Agilent and Philips jointly was founded in 1999, in 2005, the company was bought by Philips completely.
  8. SSC Seoul semiconductor is Korea's largest LED green lighting technology manufacturer, and is one of the world's eight producers (source: StrategiesUnlimited--LED market research company). The main business of Seoul semiconductor produce all of the LED assembly and customization module products, including the AC drived semiconductor light source products such as: Acriche, side light, top light LED, section LED, plug-in LED and a piranha (super light) LED. Product has been widely used in general lighting, display lighting, mobile phone backlight, TV, portable computer, automotive lighting, home furnishing supplies and traffic signals and so on.
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