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LED High-Power Lighting demand is growing(Two)

Medium Power device occupies small power lighting Market

The report points out: High Power and Medium-power LED Devices with high ratio performance-to-price , the number of 2835, 5630 (0.2 - 0.5W) series of products will be reduced by more than 50% under the same power, the corresponding lamp cost decreased obviously, Medium-Power becomes the first choice for small and medium-sized power lighting; while the COB package, integrated package because of the overall optical efficiency ,good light spot, low cost is the best choice for high power lighting lamp light source.

Among the small and medium-sized power lighting products, If using medium-sized power devices light source, not only a small number of devices are used by fewer than 50% than small small-sized power device, and the light source cost is also lower than the cost of small power light source.

In terms of the small and medium-sized power lighting, lamps and lantern.

Medium-sized power devices gradually replaced the small power devices which becomes the main choice of light source.

At the end of the first quarter of 2013, more than 70% of the light source is small and medium power devices.

Among them, more than 75% of light source for fluorescent tube light, bulb lamp, lamp panel, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps is using medium-power device 2835, 5630, 5730 series; above 80% of light source for down light, spot light, track light, /PAR lamp and Table lamp is using COB packaging, integrated packaging, 1~3W imitation lumen power series etc.

And 3528, 5050, 3020, 3014, F5-straw-hat Dip and Through-hole LED devices, 2009 before the market demand is big before 2009, by the first quarter of 2013, a little is used in fluorescent lamps, bulbs, spotlight, candle light and other small range of medium and small power lighting, most of it is widely used in flexible LED Strip ,landscape decorative lighting and indicator field,etc.

Experts believe that, small power light source will be eliminated by medium power lighting lamps, which is inevitable.

COB devices occupy large power lighting field.

Large power lighting products use Medium Power devices light source,whose number is big compared with the number of high power LED. Among them ,if using 5630, the number can reach 200 pcs, 2835 can reach 500 pcs, the production is complex, the cost is high, the light is low efficiency ,at the same time, light quantity increases ,the non-performing rate rises,too.

Therefore, in the field of high-power lighting, Medium and small sized light source is not suitable.

Integrated /COB light source and1W single imitation lumen light source have similar cost, but the number of imitation lumen is big if using, in addition to high cost, non-performing rate increases, too. While the COB package, integrated package because the characteristics like high light efficiency, Good spot ,low cost become the best choice for power lighting lamp products.

In the high-power lighting, COB packaging, Integrated packaging is gradually replacing 1W single imitation lumen package device, which has become the main source of high power lighting lamp. GLII statistical data shows, up to the end of the first quarter of 2013, the 1W single imitation lumen light source used in high power lighting products is only 26%, the rest selected COB package or Integrated package is used as the light source.

Among them, the big power project-light lamp, explosion-proof lamps, mining lamps, seems to be The patent for the COB package, integrated package source. Among these lighting products nearly 100% light source select COB package, Integrated Package; street lamp, courtyard lamp, high pole lamp, tunnel lamp, outdoor lighting lamps promoted by government policy, the market demand rapid grows rapidly ; so 75% of which is used COB Package and Integrated Package; While 25% remained with 1W imitation lumen package device.

1W imitation lumens single power package device is mostly used in the early use field, Now in addition to a small part is still used in outdoor lighting products, most are applied to plant lighting, lighting, landscape lighting and full-color lighting field.

Professional institutions think that, in the lighting lamps and lanterns ,small power package device as a light source is not suitable for the market demand, the next few years, the small power device will gradually replace high power light source devices.

But the small power devices have their own unique advantages, the short term they will continue to occupy a space in the lighting application, ut the proportion will be gradually narrowing.

The gross profit of High power devices is close to 30%

Industry statistics show, compared with 2011 ,the high power LED package’s gross margin is at around 32%, The gross profit of Medium-power LED package devices is at around 32%, down 3 percentage points compared to the same period.

Professional institutions shows: In the next few years, The gross profit of Medium-power LED device will continue to decline, but the annual average exceed in no more than 2.5 percentage points.

Obviously, high power package’s price is higher than the low power device, which is the main reason why many packaging enterprises increase in developing power markets.

Professional agency statistics show, 2013 at the end of the first quarter of 2013, the average gross margin of LED devices is 27.32%, Among them, the average gross margin of small power is less than 25%,The gross profit of the Medium sized and high power LED package devices is about 30%.

Gross interest rates remain high and the lighting market of high-power packaged devices demand grows 。two factor have become a major driving force for packaging enterprises crazily enter the packaging field.

High power devices capacity rapidly release

Professional institutions report points out, in 2012 China LED packaging enterprises reached 1750, the number of packaging enterprises involved in the production of large power proportion reached 91%, this number will increase in future.

Since 2008, China's LED packaging enterprise enter the step where High and Medium Powered field accounts for fast promotion. It is expected by 2015 this figure will exceed 97%, then in addition to a small part of the enterprise which produce LAMP series, dot matrix, digital and other packaging enterprises, basically all will be involved in the production process of high and Medium power LED package devices. 

Experts believe that, under the favorable impact of sustained release lighting market demand, the next few years, Chinese LED lighting market demand will also benefit from the rapid growth, especially more cost-effective high power light source package will become the main motive force of rapid growing package market scale in the next few years.

With the development of new entrants increase, the production capacity in high and medium power package will also enter the quick release period.

During this period, due to the increasingly fierce market competition, will lead to high and medium power LED package devices’price drops, the cost performance can be quickly reflected.

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