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LED Light Source Core Technology in the Lighting Industry

LED light source appeared as DLP projection splicing wall is considered "revolutionary" progress for DLP products, LED light source is the hope for the DLP splicing industry . After using LED light source, DLP splicing wall will bid farewell that the cost disadvantage which means replacing the bulb continuously if using traditional light source, but also will have great progress in the aspects of color, contrast, maintenance cost performance. LED light source will make the DLP technology the absolute advantage in keeping seams. At the same time, make up for all the obvious defects, achieving the competitive advantage in most of the high-end market segments.

LED light source is also called inorganic semiconductor light source technology, is one of the great achievement of the progress development for modern semiconductor material , and is considered one of the core technologies of next generation of lighting technology in human. LED light source products now has been widely applied in various aspects of social life: daily lighting, stage background Lighting, high power LED display wall, LCD TV backlight and other fields where LED displays its skill to the full.

Application of DLP LED light source projector splicing technology will revolutionize the improvement of the product quality. First of all, DLP splicing wall market will bid farewell to"consumables" worry which means replacing the bulb continuously for using traditional light source , enters the whole life work time and the other thousands of hours of supplies , and whole life work time . In addition, the high-power LED lamp will make tremendous changes for DLP splicing wall product such as performance, product color contrast performance, LED light source high color saturation and digital control, by using the general bright light source, the products picture can be comparable to LCD, plasma flat-panel display technology. In the traditional advantages field of DLP rear projection wall splicing, such as high temperature setting, LED will help a lot, making its products more prominent advantages.

At present, as LED light source in the DLP splicing wall most products are only 600 lumens brightness, can not meet the large wall splicing, and highlighting for indoor work and other specific applications needs.

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