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LED Medium & High-power board the lighting stage demand growth(One)

Semiconductor lighting LED Industry Research Institute released the latest report, in 2012 China Inland LED market size for 39700000000 (RMB), Year-on-year growth of 24%.

Among them, LED High Power device market scale is 10470000000 (RMB), Year-on-year growth of 41.4%; LED Medium Power device market scale is 4340000000(RMB), Year-on-year growth of 37.7%; LED small power device market scale is 24900000000 (RMB), Year-on-year growth of 15.8%.

The Institute is expected, be subjected to downstream application market demand which is gradually releasing to stimulate positively, the next few years, China LED market will maintain a growth rate of more than 16%.

Among them, the growth of LED medium and high power devices market demand will continue to maintain strong trend, at about more than 30% of high growth, has become a major driving force of encapsulation market which grow rapidly for the next few years.

LED small power device market demand growth will continue to be in a slowdown 2012 growth trend.

Medium and High power LED devices become lighting main illuminant

With the explosive growth for lighting market demand , Medium and High-power packaging market will appear blowout demand, market demand blooms and constant high gross margin of the products becomes the main reason why most of the LED packaging enterprises crazily enter high power package field.

Before 2009, LED lighting products used power small devices and high-power imitation lumen 1W as light source , after 2010, with the rapid development of integrated and COB packaging device; as well as the medium power 2835, 5630, 3030, 3535, 5730 series of device gradually apply in the lighting field packaging, , LED lighting main light source, lamp has been replaced by large power.

The main reason why the product above is replaced:

Low power device product’s structure (on behalf of 3528, 3020, 3014) is single and its size is small, although the small and medium-sized power lighting structure lamps have no spot when using, but under the same power requirements condition, Low and Medium power LED device needs a large number of pieces of LED light source compared to High power LED devices , os that it leads the whole cost is high and the overall thermal performance limits.

High power LED devices represented by 5630, 5730, COB LED packaging, LED integrated packaging and other series become one of the approaches for reducing the cost of lighting. With the continuing LED lighting lamp prices’ decline, the gross margin of LED lamp production enterprise has been greatly crushed.

Industry statistics show, LED lighting lamp average gross profit rate reaches above 45% in 2010, but by the end of the first quarter of 2013 it had fallen to 30.5%, or even lower. Therefore, many enterprises seek the way to reduce the cost of LED lighting lamp light source and indirectly reduce the cost. 2835, 5630, COB LED packaging, integrated LED packaging products become the main source of LED lamps gradually because of its high cost performance.

In 2012 most of the LED packaging companies will be put LED lighting field as a key to open up the market, especially the indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, backlighting become preferred target market high-power LED packaging companies.

According to industry statistics, in 2012 China Inland LED lighting market size is more than 105000000000 (RMB), an increase of more than 42%, the next two years in China mainland LED lighting market will remain more than 30% growth.

Industry experts predict, the next few years, Chinese LED lighting market will maintain rapid growth trend, especially for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting will become the main motive force for the lighting field rapid growth.

LED lighting market demand is growing rapidly, it is conducive to high power LED device market demand durative growth . Since 2009 the High and Medium power LED devices has gradually become the main source of LED lamps, and maintain long-term high gross margin.

At the end of the first quarter of 2013, the number of High & Medium-power LED device as the main light source accounted for more than 67%, this proportion is expected to reach more than 80% in 2015.

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