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Many High power LED Problem still consists, although High power LED lighting applications in the proportion is growing

With the development of LED industry, high power LED lighting applications in the proportion is growing, but there are many problems in high power LED lighting applications then, here for the most users to analyze various problems in high power LED applications.

1. The LED color difference problem

Basically the color problem does not exist in single color LED application, but if many LED put together into use or a light has multiple LED, the color problem will appear. First say a group of lamps and lanterns, if the color of the light is not consistent at the first sight, although like LUXEON LED ,it also will be divided into eight military according to color temperature, and then divided into several districts in each region , the color problem in large range is controlled compulsively to a certain degree, but the LED color in the same batch in the same color area of resolutely consists differences, and this differences can't still escape the naked eye provocation.

2. The LED insulation Problem

(Here the so-called insulating refers to substrate in terms of LED positive and negative pole) Dare not say that we are the first to discover the insulating problem of LED, but at least the major suit manufacturer is surprised to our question. Up to now ,it did not solve the fundamental problem, just take remedial measures, such as aluminum substrate for insulation (insulation aluminum substrate at first did not do it, now almost all do arrive) you may feel not understand. A single LED without insulation, impact small, When LED is in multi series when there is a problem.

3. LED anti pulse problem

The problem with vendor is controversial, there was a few in the my practical application , mainly reflected in the cold pulse, , a few LED in the cold state power on the electric moment instant is breakdown or fracture. I think it is not static or hypertension (boot voltage in the range).

4. LED flash point

Because the LED lens packaging manufacturers is not the same even if the same flash point (nominal angle), the effect is not the same, so that snoot selection is difficult, even not universal.

5. LED potentially blinding hazard

LED flash point is too concentrated so the core point light intensity is super strong, it is easy to hurt the eyes, although local lighting manufacturers do work hard in this area, but because the legislation is backward, only to a person's moral issue.

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