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The difference between virtual pixels and real pixels

Virtual pixel: red, green and blue in each point in the display unit show the components of them e uniform distribution to tie in with the pixel color effects; virtual display point’s characterization adjacent color from red, green and blue pixels color composition. Virtual pixel’s point is scattered, but real pixel is cohesion. Virtual pixels’ light-emitting point in the lamp, Real pixels’ light-emitting pixel is onthe lamp on.

Certainly the naked eye can differ between the two,the virtual pixel pitch in the same circumstances, the resolution is 4-times higher ,so the prices increases mainly because of the technical requirements, the quantity of IC increases too

Virtual pixel technology (also known as multiplexing or LED pixel decomposition technique)

Let A pixel be a number of the independent LED diodes. LED diodes units each time multiplex this way so as to reproduce a number of adjacent pixels corresponding to color information. Make “ 2R +1 G +1 B-“the four pixels dynamics pixels type as an example, a pixel is split into four separate units of the LED. under normal circumstances, The space between the LEDs is uniform distributed .

The advantages of (four-pixel-pixel Dynamic technology as an example) virtual-pixel (does not exist physically, but in fact achievable pixels) the density is up to 4 times; effective visual pixel density can be increased by 4 times at the maximum.

The disadvantage is due to the LED evenly spacing distributed, the pixel showing the greatest distance between ledsthe discrete state. Compared with Concentration distribution of LED he performance of pixel blending point is weaker,when the brightness is in the same physical circumstances, the visual display’s brightness w iseak.

Because of the use of time division multiplexing mode to each of the LED & cycle scanning four adjacent pixels of information, when it shows a single stroke ,the text will be illegible. Virtual pixel technology is applicable to the Situation in which the watch distance is 2048 times-greater than LED display physical pixel pitch space.

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