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LED single color module installation steps

How to make Channel letter? How to install led modules?
--Led single color led module

LED is the semiconductor light source. It emit less heat, and can save more power than incandescent bulb, LED will not release poison gas as the fluorescent lamp; LED will not need to be driven by high voltage as neon lamp and not easy to be damaged. LED is widely acknowledged as the new high-tech Green products.

LED series –single color module series encapsulated by epoxy, adopt piranha LED source, view angle is more than 110 degree. The protection degree can reach IP67. The module are connected by silica gel cable. The external case of the module is easy for installation. We can use double –faced tape or screw to fix. The module introduce constant current design and driven by 12V DC.

Install Guide of LED waterproof module series:

  1. Clean the Surface of the LED module.
  2. Take out the connected LED module, stick the double-faced tape on the back, or use the screw to fix directly.
  3. Fix the module according to the digital figure, and cut off the connection cable after finished.
  4. Fix the module with screws in the corner.
  5. Use silicon glue or hot glue to fix the LED bottom and base.
  6. Link the cut-off cable and output cable of the power supply with connector.
  7. Test when power on, do water-proof at connection point, and then finished.

Step 1: prepare for LED module;

Step 2: stick the double-faced tape on the back module;

Step 3: Place the first module near the drilling hole;

Step 4: Place all the modules one by one ;

Step 5: Cut off the last cable after all the modules finished;

Step 6: Deal with the cable to avoid any short-circuited.

Step 7: Connect the LED module to the power supply;

Step 8: The assembled module;

Step 9: Test when power on;

Step 10: Adjust the illumination;

Step 11: The final product.

Please note when system connection:

  1. Use one power cable for every 25 LED module.
  2. Distance from the first module to the power supply should be no more than 5 meters.
  3. When use the power cable, please note that the current of the power cable should not surpass the normal working current.
  4. The quantity of LED module, which connected with one power supply should be the same.
  5. Ensure the metal case and the power supply connected with the earth.
  6. Do waterproof on the last power connector of each LED module.
  7. Add protection cover on the drilling hole of the power cable, in order not to lacerate the cable.

Design guide:

When the width of the digital is smaller than 110MM, two modules can achieve the requirement. When the width is around 150MM, we suggest to use three modules or more. In order to ensure the brightness and the uniformity of the LED illumination, we suggest the central distance should be no longer than 70MM.

The range of the best distance from the module to the board is around 60MM ~ 130MM. It will occur dim color place if the distance is too short, and the illumination will be too weak if the distance is too long.

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