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LED Strip application tips

How to make you car more beautiful?

Let us work together to build your car Charateristic with LED strip.

NO.1 The brake lights. You can make a LED light pattern as you lik,if there are redundant or not enough light, don’t worry, you can cut them ,Then Paste the led light patter in the best location in the car you think and then parallel to the power supply of led strip to the power supply of the brake lights . In this way, when you hit the brakes, your characteristic LED brake patterns appear automatically, It can be in singular color light or red, green, blue, white four-color flash alternately, like traffic lights.

NO.2. Chassis decoration. Paste the led strip as you like, let power supply connected to the ignition power/ Car ignition on the car. In this way, when you drive or stop emergency, your beautiful car chassis began emitting . if there is an emergency, the chassis can emit red warning light for help.

NO.3. Car inner decoration. Pls past the LED strip as you design , then connect to power supply, preferably Link to car audio. In this way, you can enjoy the car lights and colorful highlight & music like PARTY atomosphere.

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