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New Ultraviolet Irradiation System

  1. A New Ultraviolet Irradiation System, using LED Light Emitting Diode mode to emit a high-purity UV energy, can get electrical-to-optical conversion energy achieve the best effect.
  2. The Ultraviolet Point Light Source Irradiation Machine with minimum heat radiation by using high energy 365nm UV LED, unlike previous irradiation of super high pressure mercury lamp, The Ultraviolet Point Light Source is pure light and does not produce infrared light, cannot damage product component, complete the UV curing adhesive to implement high precision component consolidation. (ultra with traditional ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp irradiation, the surface temperature of object which have been irradiated rises 35-40 degrees, while using LED ultraviolet irradiation, temperature rises by only about 3 degrees.)
  3. Reduce production cost
    1. Due to the adoption of light: LED, life up to 25000 hours (continuous light life) with energy-saving design; If light only in the need of irradiation, the actual service life will be up to 30000 hours.
    2. Compared with high-pressure mercury lamp, reduce the time of bulbs replacement, saving the cost of frequent bulb replacement, reduce material cost effectively.
    3. Because of the use LED light irradiation, only when lighting, the electric energy consumption will take place, effectively saving electric energy consumption.
    4. LED direct shining, do not need output cable, can reduce the cable loss.
    5. This machine can not approximately need replace any parts in the use time 5-8 years, can save ten thousand RMB more than traditional UV irradiation machine every year.
  4. A Point Light Source industry has minimum body advantage, this machine adopts ultra small body, only 1/8 volume of the original high-pressure mercury lamp irradiation machine ,so that the machine can be used not only for unit production line, can also be installed in small devices, in order to facilitate the operation, irradiation head by way of coming out from the back of the fuselage
  5. Considering space requirements fully for irradiation head precision production, which make the installation more convenient. in addition, small head with fan cooling design can fully guarantee LED irradiation energy stability and long service time.
  6. The irradiation head can output four spot diameter, so only need to replace the irradiation head lens, which can change the output spot diameter, to choose the most suitable spot size for working piece from four kinds of lens, it can realize the reliable connection, (with Ñ„ 3. Ñ„ 4. Ñ„ 6. Ñ„ 8. Exposure lens)
  7. Provided with irradiation head with four independent control , irradiation head with four independent control can be also applied to four independent station with single output, effectively reduce the equipment configuration, at the same time, the four irradiation head can also go through computer programming mode
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