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Performance Characteristics of Ultraviolet LED Point Light Source

Compared to alternative technologies, UV LED also has obvious performance advantages. Ultraviolet LED can provide smaller angle and uniform beam. Since Ultraviolet LED efficiency is low, most design engineers are looking for the maximum output power light beam in a target region. For an ordinary ultraviolet lamp, engineers must rely on enough light to illuminate the area, in order to obtain a homogeneous and compact. For Ultraviolet LED lens effect can lead more compact radiation angle, can make the most of the output power of ultraviolet LED concentrated in the required areas . If you want to match the performance of alternative technologies, will require the use of other lens, thus increasing the additional cost and space requirements. Since ultraviolet LED do not need other lens can get a compact beam angle and uniform beam pattern, with low consumption of energy and increasing durability, so compared with the CCFL technology, the use cost of ultraviolet LED can cut half.

The advantages of Ultraviolet LED Point Light Source

The next major challenge of UV LED technology is efficiency. For many applications by using wavelength below 365nm, such as medicine science light therapy,water disinfection and polymer treatment, output power of ultraviolet LED is only 5%-8% of input power. When the wavelength is 385nm above; along with the efficiency improvement, but output power of ultraviolet LED is only 15% of the input power. With the advent technology can solve the efficiency problem in constantly, more applications will begin using Ultraviolet LED technology. Environmental impact and lower energy consumption, waste decrease and free of hazardous materials. Compared to alternative technologies, Ultraviolet LED has obvious environmental benefits.Ultraviolet LED low power consumption 70% less than Fluorescence(CCFL) Lamp. In addition, Ultraviolet LED passed the ROHS Certification, does not contain common harmful substances mercury.

In CCFL technology. Ultraviolet LED size is smaller than CCFL and durable than CCFL,too. Since Ultraviolet LED with vibration and impact effect, little damage, thereby reducing waste and costs. Extensive use of ultraviolet LED technology is very suitable for medical equipment, including tooth whitening and tooth filling (UV-A) and medical instrument sterilization equipment (UV-C).

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