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The Advantages of UV LED light source compared with The Traditional UV Lamp

Since the UV LED Light Source has many advantages: free of hazardous materials,low energy consumption, small size, excellent performance, cost saving, cost-effective, enhanced durability customization. The product has great market appeal.

The difference between UV LED Point Light Source and The Traditional UV Lamp:

  1. Long Service Life: life is 10 times more than the traditional lamp Mercury Lamp Type Curing Machine.
  2. Is a Cold Light Source, no heat radiation, illuminated surface’s temperature rise lowly, can solve the long-standing thermal damage problem in optical communication, the production of liquid crystal.
  3. With small heat, which can solve big heat of the printing equipment ,which make the staff unbearable.
  4. Light fast, no need preheating, immediately reach 100% power UV output.
  5. Life is not affected by the impact of switching times.
  6. High energy, stable light output, uniform illumination, effect is good, to improve p roduction efficiency.
  7. Effective illumination area (length from 7mm to 1000mm) can be customized.
  8. Do not contain mercury, also won't produce ozone, is a more secure, more envi ronmental alternative technology to traditional light source, which is a very friendl y option.
  9. Low consumption, the power consumption is only 10% for the traditional lamp ty pe curing machine , can save 90% electricity. A UV LED point light source is 50 W.
  10. The UV LED Light Maintenance costs almost zero.
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