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The LED Strip Applications in Hotels

The hotel is the temporary safe haven for tourists and business people , the primary conditions are tenants leisure, comfort, the warm environment. In addition to the hotel staff cordial service, indoor lobby, elevators, public corridors, all day dining, leisure facilities and other public areas, interior design and lighting design is essential to attract the eyes of tenants, and the rooms decoration design and light environment is the main reason to retain tenants.

One, the specific concept

In order to show the interior decoration design and material sense, the lamp light source selection is very important , color rendering index (Ra) must be greater than 80, in part of the region , the light source can be used to receive stepless adjustable light, public area lighting system must be intelligent management, room lighting requirements is the same.

Traditional lighting sources can meet the lighting requirements, but power consumption is very high. So the LED light source lighting has become a preferred alternative, portion of the lamp appearance has changed, lighting installation space and style changes, the interior design has greater spatial variation, and even create new indoor space environment.

Then , how should the LED lighting be applied in the hotel? We have several specific areas to do a brief introduction.


1. Banquet area

In the banquet hall inside, in order to create a better dining environment, and with the change of banquet, conference, wedding scene, LED lamp can be mixed with the traditional lighting collocation, make the traditional crystal droplight more rich change, make the color more colorful, moreover,can go through the program control to set different lighting scenes, even with the stage lighting effects, can organize large-scale dinner activities.

While in the bathroom lighting, all can use LED lamps to replace the traditional lighting lamps, such as the LED MR16 series lamp or LED embedded lamp, can meet the functional lighting of the space, but also with the use of LED light or LED flexible strip as indirect lighting and decorative lighting.

In the small space lighting requirements, LED energy-saving advantage can play out, such as traditional MR16 light source, the light source power ranging from 20W- to 50W, while the LED 5W-7W MR16 source can easily replace it, saving up to 80%.

2. The lobby Area

The interior lobby area, in the high 8 - 10 meters of space, can choose a big power LED embedded down-light, its high power LED using 50W cob integrated chip, color rendering index Ra>80 and 3000K warm white color temperature. Comparing LED down-light with traditional halogen lamp or U type compact energy-saving fluorescent lamps , LED has advantages not only the system power consumption, the lamp light output value can also be achieved indoor space requirements.

In the past, the lighting in the indirect lighting lamp groove use fluorescent lamp or cold cathode light source, it needs larger installation space, there will be some breakpoint shadows in the continuous lighting effects .

Now, you can use the LED lamp or LED Flexible strip, the connection between lamps does not appear breakpoint shadow, and small power LED color consistency now is very good, will not cause the uneven color, and power consumption for every meters is below 10W, also can accept the brightness adjustment from intelligent dimming system.

The artificial landscape, which is in the public area of the lobby such as: decorative pool, stair, wall decoration and other places, can use a lot of LED lamps. Because the LED lightweight, low voltage of DC, whether color changes or brightness adjustment are easy to control and has excellent characteristics: energy saving, and can save more than 50% energy comparing the same effect traditional lighting.

3. Leisure area

Leisure gym, indoor swimming pool and outdoor landscape areas, indirect lighting mainly in the form of LED flexible strip or LED lamp belt is the main lamp.

The indoor lighting can use LED embedded simple type of lamp, not only can keep the room get uniform illumination, and also can save 50% power consumption compared to the traditional twin U compact fluorescent lamp.

The embedded LED lamp and LED underground lamp with direction guiding role, whether foundation lighting effects or ladder trail lighting, LED light source whether in brightness or energy-saving aspects can meet the requirements , but also has the advantages of small volume, simple installation, quite loved by the architects and interior designers.

4. Building Facade

Building facade floodlights, consider using the LED spot outline lights to decorate, change the lighting techniques previously by using traditional cast light directly to illuminate wall, reducing the influence of flood lighting in room guest.

LED lights outline lamps can be used as building exterior wall decoration, also can go through computer program to control display geometry or in words.

High power LED Flood lamp, can be aimed at the top of the building structure, part of the large wall area, to provide flood lighting effect or focus light effect, let the building floodlighting scene be more varied, moreover can become a landmark of the city, attracting more visitors to stay.


5. Public areas and Guestrooms

LED lamps can make Public areas, corridors and rooms lighting effects come true , LED light or LED flexible strip can be used for all space indirect lighting . you can use the LED embedded lamp for key-point lighting, the light break out by LED with optical lens lighting effects has more focused lighting effects than the traditional light source.

In the room, such as LED spot lamp can be used as a beside lamp,even can mix indoor decoration design to make a special reading lamp, at the same time the brightness can be adjusted.

LED soft lamp strip /LED flexible strip can be installed below Bedside table as the night lighting, power consumption is very small, can also choose a different color- temperature or colors to make romantic, warm, leisure and other different atmosphere.

In Guest bathroom space, for dressing mirror light using the traditional incandescent lamp light source , but below sink, LED lamp or LED flexible strip can be installed; embedded down-light for ceiling part and indirect lighting can be LED lamp, also can accept the brightness adjustment and set the scene control by intelligent control system .

Whether the room channel or public areas aisle, LED embedded wall lamp can be installed in the corner of the wall , the lamp provides only the ground illumination, maintain the aisle basic functional lighting needs, at the same time in the hotel the night management mode, wall lamp can be used as auxiliary lighting, not only to save electric energy and maintain basic lighting.

Two, Project summary

With the lighting technology change rapidly, LED lighting has been gradually began to phase out the traditional power lighting, from the color index, the luminous efficiency, optical, thermal, electronic circuit to the lamp body, stride a big step forward, LED lighting can be used in the hotel room. Hope that we can let the hotel owners, interior designers or lighting designers to understand LED lighting through this article.

Believe that the high power LED with higher brightness will have input lighting market this year, also more and more professional lighting manufacturers will develop more lighting equipment to meet the user needs. Let us work together to contribute for the green lighting, energy-saving emission reduction.

Three, Project analysis

Hotel lighting is actually quite complex, combines optical, industry, art, electronic control technology to create a different lighting environment, and at the same time by using intelligent scene control to give appropriate brightness and open, closed environment at different times to achieve energy-saving requirements.

Outdoor flood lighting for the hotel building has the decorative nature, must accord with the value orientation of the hotel itself. Simple should be the main design idea for senior Stars Hotel lighting, the gorgeous lighting effect cannot be used to show off. From the appearance of the hotel lighting to indoor public areas and guest room lighting, should show the advanced quality of the hotel style, let the guests impressed, and become a local landmark.

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