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The necessary Notes in LED Application Design

LED has a unique advantage, but the LED is a vulnerable semiconductor product, so when we use LED products, we must be careful, this article will give you a summary of some of the LED design considerations.

Should use the DC power supply

Some manufacturers supply to the LED product by "a resistance capacitance step-down" mode in order to reduce the product cost, it will directly affect the life of the LED products. Using special switching power supply to supply (the best is the constant current source) to the LED product will not affect the service life of the product, but the product cost is relatively high.

To do the anti-static measures

LED products must use certain anti-static measures, in the course of processing and production such as: work to be grounded, workers should wear anti-static clothing, anti-static ring belt, as well as with anti-static gloves, IIf conditions permitting, youl can install anti electrostatic ion fan, but also need to ensure the workshop humidity at 65% so, in order to avoid the air too dry to generate static electricity, especially the green LED is relatively easier to be static damage. In addition, different quality grades of LED’s antistatic ability is not the same, some high quality LED’s antistatic ability is strong. Maybe A lot of friends hasn’t a good understanding of electrostatic, I'm here to explain the static knowledge in details: the essence of electrostatic is that there exists excess charge. Charge is the Physical quantity about the essence of electrostatic phenomena.

Electric Potential, electric field, current and other related physical quantities are caused by movement or existence of the charge. A lot of electrostatic problems are caused by people without ESD consciousness, even if there are a lot of people who suspect that ESD may cause damage to the electronic products. This is because most of the ESD damage in human feeling, because the sense of human body for electrostatic discharge voltage is about 3KV, and many electronic components will be damaged in hundreds of volts or even tens of volts, usually electronic devices are no clear boundaries ESD damage, and the component is mounted on a PCB ,then do the detection, the results is that a lot the problem appears, analysis is quite difficult. Especially the potential damage, even if by the use of precision instrument , it is also very difficult to measure that its performance has obvious changes, so all electronic engineers and designers are suspicious of ESD, in recent years, but the experiment results show that, the potential damage in some time later, its reliability of electronic products decreased.

The LED temperature

Pay attention that the temperature rise will make LED resistance becomes smaller, when the external environment temperature rises, LED light source resistance will be reduced, if using Voltage regulator power supply will cause the LED working current increase, when more than the rated current happens, it will affect the service life of the LED product, seriously it will make LED light source "burned out", so the best choice is to use the constant current source power supply to ensure that the working current of LED is not influenced by the external temperature. The most important factor is that LED temperature also affect LED life. Please pay attention to it.

LED products Sealing

No matter what LED products, as long as the outdoor application , are faced with the problems like waterproof, moisture-proof seal, if not handled, it will directly affect the service life of LED products. There are few products manufacturers which demands for higher quality using epoxy resin "traditional watering method" to seal the LED products, it is difficult to operate, for larger LED products it is not very suitable, also can cause the product weight increase.

LED current must not exceed LED’s IF current

Over Current work will make LED life down quickly, if exceed over, will immediately put LED out.

LED bending should be noted

when LED bending, you don't get too close to the colloid, should keep a distance of more than 2mm to colloid, otherwise it will separate the bracket and gold in colloid, the folding times for bending angle cannot be more than three times the same place , one time means LED bent by 90 degree and then return to the original position.

The welding temperature

The welding temperature is 260 ℃, time is controlled within 5 second, the welding point from at the bottom of the colloid is the 2.5mm above, electric iron must be grounded, absolutely not allow to weld LED with electricity.

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