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UV LED Market

In 2010, UVA/B spectroscopy device in the LED Wavelength lower than 400nm applications is dominant. In the UVLED market, more than 90% of products by the UVA/B Light Source for UV curing, forgery detection, medical and instruments needed for the application. The remaining 10% are used for air and water purification, in addition, most of the UVA LED Light Source is used for air purification by photocatalysis. At present, the UVA service is the main market for UV LED, and at least in the next 4 years the UVA service will continue to maintain its market position. It is likely to enter the UV LED Market, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, the technology has surpassed the current established product technology. It also introduced the recent aluminum nitride (AIN) single crystal substrate processing process, and the UV LED performance schedule.

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