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UV LED Wavelength

SNOWDRAGON INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is engaged in Ultraviolet Light-emitting Diode packaging manufacturers, with complete product line, very stable quality and very advantageous price. Products include domestic independent package whole series of products, including the wavelength: 375NM, 365NM, 380NM, 390NM, 400NM, 420NM, is one of the most professional supplier UV LED, products widely used in various fields such as plant growth ,counting money, security authentication, leak detection, selection, medical, curing, manicure, mosquito eradication, teeth whitening, UV LED is an Ultraviolet Light-emitting Diode. Generally refers to the emission center wavelength below 400nm , but sometimes the emission wavelength acted as longer than 380nm is known as the near Ultraviolet LED (English name, UV LED), and shorter than 300nm is called deep UV LED. The short wavelength light sterilization effect is high, so UV LED is commonly used in refrigerators, home electrical appliances, sterilization and deodorization purposes.

UV LED combined with phosphor emits visible LED Light etc. For example, combined red, green and blue phosphor with Ultraviolet can obtain the white LED.

Ultraviolet LED mainly uses GaN Semiconductor. On the products, Nichia chemical industries listed the emission wavelength from 365nm to 385nm range of varieties, Nitride Semiconductor listed Luminescence Center Wavelength 355nm ~ 375nm range of varieties. LED chip size is 1mm × 1mm, 10 times larger than that of ordinary LED, and housed in a metal package. Less than 300nm deep Ultraviolet LED development activities is also very active. In 2008 Japanese Study on Physical and Chemical and Panasonic electric announced: InAlGaN adopted by GaN semiconductor developed Luminescence Center Wavelength by 282nm, the light output power is 10mW deep UV LED. Shorter wavelength deep UV LED, the NTT basic research labs uses AlN material to have develop emission center wavelength by 210nm deep ultraviolet LED.

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