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What Aspects is UV LED Light Curing Widely Used In?

One, Application of UV LED curing technology in the UV LED Curing Ink, UV curable Iink Application Technology is less promoted than UV Curable Coatings’, especially in our country, the curing coatings manufacturers are numerous, but The curable ink manufacturers which can really mass-production supply are not many. Although the price is more expensive, many users choose light curable ink imported. UV curable ink is mainly used in packaging, printing, electronic (resist ink, solder resist ink, Marking ink) etc.

Two, the medical device LED UV curing adhesive application

UV LED light curing makes UV economic automated assembly medical devices easier. Now, the LED UV light source system is advanced, can solidify UV curing glue without solvent in a few seconds, and The dispensing system makes the medical instruments assembly process form an effective and economical method for the adhesive consistency and repeatability . Optimization and control of UV LED light source is very important for reliable medical device manufacturing . The use of UV curable glue provides many advantages, such as lower energy requirements, can save the curing time and position, improve productivity, can be more easily automated. , these medical devices require very high quality and the best reliability. , so UV glue for bonding and sealing of medical apparatus and instruments is a good choice. Typical application of UV glue solidifying is in medical devices assembly , such as the need for bonding(1) different materials or mechanical properties are not the same) 2) material is not thick enough, can not be used by welding 3) Element production in advance.

Optical industry -ST-LED UV curing light application of 1 optical element assembly (lens, prism, optical engine assembly) 2 image instrument assembly (microscope, endoscope, infrared spectrometer, night vision instrument, probe, etc.)

LED UV curing light for optical communication industry application

Passive devices in WDM (WDM/wavelength division multiplexer, array grating waveguide/AWG, light-way divide/ SPLITTER, optical isolator, optical coupler ), all kinds of glass packaging structure adhesive or sealing, small components fixed. 2 Active devices (coaxial device TOSA/ROSA/BOSA, VCSEL, laser collimator/aligner,) especially FTTX low cost miniature plastic package structure . 3 Fiber optic cable (outer coating, markers, bonding, fiber optic gyroscope).

Research Institute -ST-LED UV curing light application

  1. High polymer chemistry (nanometer coating, high-cure resin, photosensitizer, monomer, UV ink)
  2. Medical polymer material(Medical plastic,catheter).
  3. Photochemistry(photocatalysis, Optical excitation, photosynthesis.
  4. Semiconductor( light accelerated etching, cutting, UV adhesive tape)

TOSA abbr Transmitter Optical Subassembly

ROSA abbr.RACE open services architecture,recording optical spectrum analysis reduced oxide soldering activation process

VCSEL abbr. vertical-cavity surface-emitter laser

Three, The wide application of UV curing

UV curing characteristics : curing speed, convenient use, high transmittance, high bonding strength, no adhesive, operation safety. Application embodied in:

  1. crystal and glass connection: UV curing surface appearance, washing resistance, bracket mounting of the goblet, decorative products. UV curing connection between each frame and the glass, and used to assemble a fancy bottle and crystal ornaments.
  2. display cabinets and glass furniture assembly: UV curing for furniture production, can connect the metal edge and the frame with the glass, and connect glass doors and glass column cabinet assembly. UV curing with good adhesion, toughness and moisture resistance, and can be used with different coefficients of expansion material connection.
  3. The car: UV curing is used for connecting the metal, ceramic and plastics. Sealing up High temperature components, such as Thermal trip fuses. UV curable products for the automotive industry, including light sealing up and sound assembly.
  4. Jewelry, ornaments, souvenir production: UV curing can be used for the production of souvenirs, ornaments and decorative arts and crafts. Can be connected with glass and plastic, wood, metal and showed high optical transparency and curing ability. Due to the UV curing in several seconds, can also be used for decorative photography industry.
  5. electronic industrial applications: UV curing to a series of electronic products, including the terminals in succession of electronic components, packaging and route fixed and circuit board coating.
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