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Why can COB LED Products make the market so popular?

2013 is the key to the development of China's LED industry transformation, and innovation is the key for the industry development, how to grasp the LED development opportunities, break through the obstacles for the industry development has become an important issue facing enterprises. With the LED market penetration has been rising year by year, LED lighting package technology is also rising, cob packaging technology has become the focus for many enterprises innovation. As the LED industry leader CREE, this year a series of COB products also moves frequently. So, what characteristics of COB products can make market so much?


However, when it comes to market, a key words we do not circle is "distributors". Perhaps, the LED industry’s spring really has run silently ?


The COB package is the important manifestation for the rapid development of LED technology


With the development of LED packaging technology, the rapid development for COB (ChipOnBoard) LED device package with its unique cost and technical advantages gets the favor and attention for more and more enterprises.

Compared with the traditional package mode, the COB package has a low thermal resistance, low assembly cost and excellent optical uniformity and other advantages. At the same time, the COB package has the advantage like simple structure, low cost, high performance price ratio to reduce the LED lamp cost, has been widely used in the lighting market.

COB series of products has many advantages: simple assembly, easy processing operation, usually a lamp using one COB; design for the pad even manual welding is more convenient and reliable, no need PCB, avoid the reflow process, reduce the cost .

The COB package is the future direction for LED development

COB will be an important direction for future development of LED components, currently on the market the number of COB packaging enterprises also gradually increases.

In the future, COB will be used more and more widely, the COB package compared to the traditional single package, , its manufacturing process for lighting products is simple, to achieve the effective cost control, faster with the needs of the market to launch the required product. At the same time, COB products will be higher and higher in power, but the light effect and the price will do better and better.


LED enterprise kick off a surprise move

LED is called the fourth generation of lighting source or a green light, has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size, can be widely used in various indications, display, decoration, backlight source, general lighting and city night scene etc.. In recent years, some of the world's developed countries launched fierce contest around the LED technology development.

In order to surprise, and various vendors are committed to innovation for source products, including the pursuit for the more light flux and a more efficiency.

From raw materials to LED chip ,package, and then to the whole system of the technical level, there are extensive and profound understanding.

The LED industry is always a "sunny industry"

In July this year the global 40W LED bulb’s retail price slightly decreased by about 0.6%, about $15.5, of which the United States of America area prices obviously fell the most. the 60W LED lighting global average price slightly fell 3.3%, $22.6. LED manufacturers active product and price strategy was quickly promote home lighting market development.

LED is the sunny industry, the application scope of technology and products will continue to break through in the future. From the LED development process, our technique is in the unceasing progress. From the market trend, LED lighting is entering various consumer areas at a steady rate, and continue to expand market share in promotion by the government and policy,.

In the domestic and international environment, with the continuous improvement of technical level, the LED device costs will be lower and lower, the performance price ratio will be higher. the LED device is better, the terminal lamp cost will be lower and lower, the whole LED market is on an upward trend, therefore, the LED industry terminal popularity will be faster and faster.

At the adjustment period for the LED industry, how to stand firm, to grasp the opportunity industry warmer is the challenge for enterprises. "boom" to "hot" word, enterprises should take the stable state of mind to look at, keeping the LED industry growing gradually and progressing steadily. In the Future, based on technological innovation, LED industry will regain a new round of development opportunities, writing a new chapter in the development of the industry.

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